Adoption is a process where one family takes in a child or an adult legally and formally as their own. There are different types of adoption including, a step-parent adoptions, direct adoption from one family to another and international adoptions for instance. Many adoptions involve adoption agencies. In each case, the State takes an active role to insure that adopted children wind up in appropriate homes. Adoptions are governed under Minnesota Statute §259.20 et. seq.

The requirements for adoptions often vary depending on the nature of the adoption. Step-parent adoptions, for instance, generally do not require a “home study” although a criminal background check for the adopting parent is required. A “home study” or very thorough review of the adoptive parents and their home is often required in a direct adoption.

Because adoption of a child is a major life changing event, it is generally a quite involved legal proceeding. An experienced attorney can guide families through the challenging paperwork and processes involved in an adoption. I have handled numerous adoptions and would be happy to discuss with you the options and alternatives if you or your family winds up in an adoption situation.


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